Date: 2017

Location: Romania, Ilfov county

Field: Urban design, Architecture

Use: Semi-detached/ terraced housing

Size: 3000 sqm

In the context of Bucharest’s residential suburbanization, driven by the scarcity of supply of single-family homes in the city, Plan de lucru srl was approached to create a zoning proposal for a replicable 8 to 12 unit residential plot development in the outskirts of Romania’s capital. The developer’s aim was to test the concept- for a low-density terraced or semi-detached housing area- on one plot initially and then to replicate it if successful. Our added value to the commission was that firstly of highlighting the small community dimension of the development, particularly in the context of the gradual pace of suburbanization, translating to social amenities making it to the suburbs often (considerably) later than the actual residents. We thus wanted to make sure we deal with the access road to houses as a potential meeting and hanging out place and that we create some sense of intimacy with green plot boundaries, given that the residential area to be developed was going to function in a landscape of barren land for a while. Secondly, we wanted to make sure local urban regulations and national housing legislation is integrated in land choice and project design and that the need for land conversion plans is taken into account for project planning. And thirdly, we wanted to make sure the uniquely suburban opportunities for outdoor activities are tapped into in project design and marketing, e.g., via maximizing integration between rooms and outdoor patios or gardens.

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