Date: 2017

Location: Manchester, UK

Field: Architecture, Electrical

Use: Apartment building

Size: 2300 sqm

Plan de Lucru srl was commissioned the technical design for the second phase of implementation of a riverfront block housing complex in central Manchester.

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Specifically, the task was to incorporate installation designs into architecture designs for implementation and resolve any arising integration issues.

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To identify typologies, we looked for horizontal and vertical replication.

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There were irregularities in the overlap between the structural and the architectural layout, respectively, with implied limitations for horizontal replication.

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Perfect vertical replication was precluded by shifted façade patterns. Having a similar result for horizontal screening, we sought out typical units at sub apartment scale instead.

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The positioning of utility fixtures was analyzed for various furniture layouts and altered when needed,  also to avoid losing floor area to wall thickness (from requirements for extra finishing layers just to cover up installation  routes).

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