Date: 2019-now

Location: Multiple, Romania

Field: Architecture

Use: Storage

Size: 10.000+ sqm

On the background of increasing volumes of judiciary archive documents at the national level and severe space shortages in existing buildings, the Ministry of Justice is analyzing options for addressing these issues – including changing archiving systems, introducing protocols for periodic clearance of old files, digital archiving and building regional archival storage centers. As part of the ongoing technical consulting contract with the Ministry of Justice, I was requested to provide key technical support in drafting solutions to the archival space shortage issue. I have initially worked under the premise of creating regional archival centers (warehouses) and have been tasked with calculating space requirements for these centers. This included proposing optimal filing and space configuration solutions, in view of existing regulations for archival storage at the national level, protocols for judiciary archiving and best practice examples, as well as coming up with a system for estimating the volume of paper, identifying missing data and proposing a periodic clearance time span and protocol.

Subsequently, I have been tasked with drafting an on-site storage solution (i.e., integrated with court buildings), as an alternative to regional warehouses and requiring an analysis of different shelving and access systems, to be potentially implemented as a pilot project to the Justice District.